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Powerful and Effective Change for Leaders, Creatives and Change-Makers

Who Are Ready to Inspire Something Different.  

At we work with corporates, leaders, politicians, creatives and influencers to help them become free from the personal and practical blocks to inspired leadership of themselves and others. 


 Our corporate and personal clients learn to visualise and actualise an inspired vision for leading and living where the results show immediately. 

Learn to be the most successful and inspired version of yourself.

Let go of unconscious blocks to success.

Get clear on your mission and your vision.

Clarify your voice and embody your message. 

Create positive and impactful change.

In doing so, not only do you personally thrive and prosper, but you make

the inspired choice for your life, your career, your family and our shared world.

Your Inspired Choices Lead to Meaningful Change

Step into your fullest potential.

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Jon Macdonald and Kirsty Macdonald

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"Jon and Kirsty Macdonald create an inspiring space for you to powerfully transform your life. Their approach is both simple to access and deeply impactful"

Difference Is So Much Closer Than You Think


"Amazingly Empowering and Liberating."

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